Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Why is sharing my world
With someone else
More pleasurable than
Savoring it all alone?
And why is it so hard to find
Someone with whom
To go to the beach today?

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Really, don’t you think
That it’s rather queer
That folks will fly
A thousand miles
To buy a souvenir.

Souvenirs are mementos
Of long absent years
When picturesque things
Once graced this place
That now sells souvenirs.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My World

We each are in a different dimension,
When inward we focus our attention.
How do we then conspire to share,
An outer world we feel is there?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anti-War Vigil

Protesting a criminal war
Won’t move a tyrant’s heart.
But hands holding tapers
Are common will shapers.
Surf pounding upon the land,
In time grinds rock to sand.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


On the sidewalk of a busy street, I was stopped by an intense young man, who assured me that if I would but believe in Jesus. The almighty would then make me whole when the blows of remorseless fate overwhelmed my weary soul. He knew beyond a doubt, he said, I walked my path in constant dread of that terror-filled last gasp. But faith in Christ would melt all fear away like sun the morning mist and gain for me eternity in the land of unending bliss. I, recalling paradox of quantum, the enigma--gravity, Dr. Heisenberg’s uncertainty, the maze of the human heart, was embarrassed by this arrogance; He, a mortal, presuming to comprehend, the intentions of the universe.