Thursday, December 11, 2008


It is getting so we can only discuss natural phenomena in their own limited context. This must be driving philosophers crazy. “True” statements are now only true in their own neighborhood. At the onset of the scientific revolution, there was optimism that we would soon understand much about the universe and our place in it. Even after Einstein’s General Relativity, we still had hope. But, with Quantum Mechanics the ground beneath our feet began to crumble and Heisenberg only added to the uncertainty. Now, gravity has turned too strange to contemplate and the enigmatic dark matter and dark energy have in our time become the leading actors in our play. Ordinary matter and energy? Only bit players. So, what is our play about? Who the hell knows?

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Sophia said...

I don't know what the play is about, but it sure is fun being an actress with amnesia!


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